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Shandong China Coal Group
KZL-32 Split type Pneumatic Steel Banding Machine

KZL-32 Split type Pneumatic Steel Banding Machine


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KZL-32 Split type Pneumatic Steel Banding Machine? Pneumatic strapping machine,banding machine,Pneumatic banding machine,Steel Banding Machine
Introduction of KZL-32 Split type Pneumatic Steel Banding Machine? KZL-32 Split type Pneumatic Steel Banding Machine?elong to buckled strapping tool. Applicable to steel strips with general strapping strength and high strapping strength. The machine saving the packing time,making the packing more efficient,standard and firm. The machine equipe with feed wheel aerodynamic lifting function,more convenient to operate.
These machine are wildly used in the strapping and packing of plate materials,proximate matter,pipe materials,steel bar and irregular face materials in metal and non-ferrous metal Industry ect.

Parameter of KZL-32 Split type Pneumatic Steel Banding Machine? ?model KZL-JF32 KZL-G32 KZL-PT52
suitable?aterial steel?elt steel?elt steel?elt
air?ompressor 0.4~0.6Mpa 0.4~0.6Mpa 0.4~0.6Mpa
steel?elt?idth 19/25/32mm 19/32mm 19/32mm
steel?elt?hickness 0.8~1.2mm 0.8~1.2mm 0.8~1.2mm
tensioning?orce ≥8.5KN ≥8KN ≥11KN
locking?art?esisting?orce ≥16.8KN ≥16KN ≥17KN
button?ocking?achine 3.6kg 4kg 4.5kg
tensioning?achine 4.8kg 5kg 5.2kg

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