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------------------------- details about the product pls contact me by dgholding(at)diguochemicals(dot)com ------------------------- type appearance melting point ℃ hazen acidity mgkoh/g saponification value mgkoh/g iodine value ... by Diguochemicals Co., Ltd on 2012-05-18

2. 6-CHLORO-1-HEXANOL [2012-05-10] China
6-chloro-1-hexanol name: 6-chlorohexanol synonyms: 6-chlorohexanol,1-chloro-6-hydroxyhexane;6-chloro-1-hexanol;hexamethylene chlorohydrin cas no: 2009-83-8 einecs: 217-925-2 structural formula: c8h13clo quality index: index target value ... by Zouping Mingxing Chemical Co.,Ltd.(China) on 2012-05-10

3. SELL CHEMICALS,OXALIC ACID [2012-04-09] China
-oxalic acid synonym: ethanedioic acid molecular formula: (cooh)2.2h20 molecular weight: 126 cas no: 144-62-7 property: white transparent crystal combining two crystal water,melting point: 101.c-102.c, specific gravity:1.653 ... by China Chemical Holding Group Co., Ltd on 2012-04-09

4. CINNAMIC ALCOHOL [2012-02-18] China
product name cinnamic alcohol synonyms 3-phenyl-2-propene-1-ol; 3-phenyl-2-propen-1-ol; cinnamyl alcohol; 3-phenylprop-2-en-1-ol; (2z)-3-phenylprop-2-en-1-ol; (2e)-3-phenylprop-2-en-1-ol molecular formula c9h10o molecular weight 134.1751 ... by Wuhan Hezhong Bio-Chemical Manufacture Co.,Ltd. on 2012-02-18

5. 4-BROMOCINNAMALDEHYDE [2012-02-09] China
assay:96%min m.f.:c9h7bro=211 mp:78-82degree c appearance: light yellow crystalline usage: raw material for organic synthetic intermediates we can also manufacture 2-bromocinnamaldehyde(96%min) and 3-bromocinnamaldehyde(97%min ... by Hubei yuancheng pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd on 2012-02-09

6. P-METHOXYCINNAMIC ACID CAS 830-09-1 FOR SALE [2012-02-03] China
p-methoxycinnamic acid synonyms: 4-methoxycinnamic acid; 3-(4-methoxyphenyl)acrylic acid cas 830-09-1 einecs 213-405-4 purity 99% packing 25kg/cardboard drum. brand nanjian (reach submission report) characters: white crystalline powder ... by Hubei Yuancheng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd on 2012-02-03

7. CINNAMYL BROMIDE [2012-01-03] China
chemical name: 3-bromo-1-phenyl-1-propene cas#: 4392-24-9 assay: 99%min molecular formula: c9h9br molecular weight: 197.07 appearance: needlelike crystalline usage: pharmaceutical intermediates ... by wuhan gongchuang company on 2012-01-03

8. PLASTIC ADDITIVE ~~ UV 0,UV 9,UV 531 [2010-10-21] China
we are a professional manufacturer of uv absorber ,our product contains uv-531,uv-0,uv-9,bp-12,bp-1,it is used widely as light stabilizer agent in plastic,pe,pvc,pp,ps,pc organic.we have past iso9004:2004 ... by Xiangfan King Success Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd on 2010-10-21

9. SULFAMIC ACID [2010-07-28] China
sulfamic acid chemical formula:nh2so3h cas:5329-14-6 hs code:2811199090 appearance:white orthorhombic crystal application:sulfamic acid is a kind of colorless or white crystal,it can be used as amphoteric surfactant ... by Shijiazhuang Beaubo Trade.Co.,Ltd. on 2010-07-28

cas no. 6419-19-8 molecular weight: 299.05 molecular formula: n(ch2po3h2)3 specification: appearance:colorless or light yellow transparent liquid active acid %:48.0-52.0 chloride (as cl-)%:2.0(or1.0 ... by Famous (Shandong) Chemical Co., Ltd on 2010-02-03

11. MOMETASONE FUORATE 83919-23-7 [2009-11-12] China
mometasone fuorate kind api species corticosteroid cas 83919-23-7 we produce: desonide 638-94-8 flumethasone 2135-17-3 diflucortolone valerate 59198-70-8 deflazacort 14484-47-0 desoximetasone 382-67-2 ... by Tianjin Topwork Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd. on 2009-11-12

12. HERBA ASARI OIL [2009-11-04] China
(info3 at virginforestplant dot com) character: it is shellow yellow liquid, with special perfume of herba asari. specific gravity: 0.955-0.972 refraction: 1.495-1.523 optical rotation: -20°~ +12° content: upon 85% methyl eugenol ... by DaXingAnLing Virgin Forest Plant Products Co., Ltd. on 2009-11-04

13. LEVITRA [2009-09-17] China
levitra hongdenafil acetildenafil tadanafil tadarafil-b tadalafil-d3 n-desethylvardenafil pseudovardenafil aminotadalafil (xanthoanthrafil ) vardenafil dihydrochloride salt fardenafil vardenafil-d5 sildenafil citrate ... by Hubei wanbow pharmchem Co.,Ltd on 2009-09-17

14. SELL THIOUREA [2014-08-13] China
henan hongye chemical company ltd. can supply good quality thiourea. thiourea (also called thiocarbamide or sulfourea) is the diamide of thiocarbonic acid that resembles urea but contains sulfur instead of oxygen ... by Hongye Chemical Company Ltd. on 2014-08-13

15. SELL - CAST ACRYLIC SHEET [2008-07-27] China
we, bodo industrial inc., manufacture the cast acrylic sheet, we have the good quality and very competitive prices, now we are looking for the foreign distributors, please contact us if you are interested. --- cast acrylic sheet ... by BoDo Industrial INc. on 2008-07-27

our company---henan jiujiu chemical co.,ltd is the largest manufacturer of stearic acid and its relative products. our main products are : stearic acid , diphenylamine , zinc stearate , calcium stearate , barium stearate , palm wax ... by henan jiujiu chemical co.,ltd on 2008-01-22

17. RE: PEG-32 [2008-01-12]
dear sir, my name is ishmeal leman.i am writting seek your permission to assist me to invest in your country. if you are interested,kindly contact me on this email ishmealeman@yahoo.com for futher details ... by Oboma Holdings on 2008-01-12

18. PALM FATTY ACID DISTILLATE [2007-11-16] Indonesia
we are company based in surabaya, indonesia exporter of indonesian origin palm fatty acid distillate (pfad), coconut fatty acid distillate, desiccated coconut, virgin coconut oil bath soap (bar), virgin coconut oil. any interested buyer, trader ... by CV. Birawa Cartilak on 2007-11-16

dear sirs: my name is mars from sichuan mianzhu hanwang inorganic salt chemical industry co.,ltd. our products include: diammonium phosphate trisodium phosphate dodecahydrate trisodium phosphate anhydrous ... by sichuan mianzhu hanwang inorganic salt chemical co.,ltd on 2007-10-25

20. OFFER 18-CROWN-6-ETHER [2007-09-29] China
strong to offer 18-crown-6-ether(18-crown-6 , 18-c-6, 1,4,7,10,13,16-hexaoxacyclooctadecane),cas 17455-13-9, assay 99.5%. catalyst. ... by zmc china co ltd on 2007-09-29

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